Liam Fiddler

I help organisations engineer and build their next digital product or service.

I'm Liam, a digital designer / developer with over ten years experience engineering, building, and releasing digital products. I've worked with a wide variety of organisations — from small startups to established, multi-national businesses.

Google's Polymer Team

Launched PolymerSyd

I co-founded PolymerSyd — a quarterly meetup group for Polymer & Web Component enthusiasts. I also had the honour of being a speaker at the first event alongside representatives from Mentally Friendly and Google.

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The Docker logo


I released an Ubuntu Docker container for Laravel web applications to GitHub & Docker Hub for public use. It generated a bit of traction and reached a few thousand installs, but was eventually made redundant by Vessel.

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The Mentally Friendly logo

Mentally Friendly

I joined Mentally Friendly — a digital product studio that helps businesses tackle complex challenges.

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The first issue of the Animal Studies Journal

Animal Studies Journal

In 2012 I was invited to help design and publish the first issue of the Animal Studies Journal, a fully-refereed (double-blind peer reviewed) journal highlighting current research in human-animal studies. More recent issues have moved to a digital format and I'm proud to continue my involvement with the publication to this day.

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Liam's thesis on a bookshelf

Interpolated Identities: Creating a Complex Experiential Commitment to the Virtual

To fulfil the written component of a BCA (honours) course I wrote a thesis about virtual worlds, gamification, & the role of designers and developers in creating hyperreality.

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Operating the Tactilis Mensa

Tactilis Mensa

A prototype for an alternative art collection browsing system. In order to fulfil the practical component of a BCA Honours course I built a table-sized touch screen device (using a projector, a webcam, a low-power PC, lots of MDF, and infrared light), then designed a prototype interface for navigating the UoW Art Collection. This work was on display as part of the Digital Natives art exhibition .

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Coffee? Beer?

I'd love to catch up and chat about what digital prototyping means to you, which comic superhero is due for a good movie adaptation (spoiler; it's Nightwing), the future of virtual reality, or anything else that takes your fancy!

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